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Team Place for Homes Complete the Cardiff Half Marathon

We did it!!!! We completed the Cardiff Half Marathon. We certainly weren't the fastest, but then we're not athletes either and for us it was about finishing and raising money for Breast Cancer Care.

I know the team would agree though that completing it in2:23, 2:24 & 2:25 was a bonus!

So the answer to the question: "Would we cross the line together?" The answer was no!! Glyn at mile 9 kept a consistent pace and managed to squeeze in a minute before Rhys and I - we won't let that happen next year!! Rhys and I crossed the line hands held high and after a 100 metre sprint finish - I didn't think we'd have it in us!!

As you can guess riding on the euphoria of finishing then we all have plans to do it again next year. I'm sat here wondering whether I have it in me to do a marathon?? I'm 40 next year if I don't do it now will I ever do it?!!

As any runner knows there's the angel and the devil sitting on your shoulders when you're running: one convincing you you can do it and pushing you on and the other saying " this is stupid , what are you trying to prove?" So far at the half marathon level the angel has won out - will that still be the case for a full marathon? Any experienced runners out there any advice would be gratefully appreciated!!

The one thing that spurred us on was raising money for Breast cancer Care. Half way round a lady in a breast cancer care t shirt looked straight at us and said "thank you". The emotion was enormous I was really choked and at the same time so pleased that what we were doing was really helping people.

So far we're just short of our target of £1000 but I know we'll get there.

The next question - Can team The Place For Homes complete a marathon - the answer to the that question will have to be left to another day!!