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  • Inspirational Summer trends for your home

    Inspirational Ideas

    Considering the dismal weather we're facing in South Wales today, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was the middle of Autumn rather than the middle of Summer.

    There is definitely a need to lift the mood and create a warm and welcoming feel in both our homes and workplaces. The global colour authority Pantone predicted the dominant colours for the season would be calming and peaceful with hues that are bold and playful and that certainly sounds very welcoming today!!

    As a complete contrast to some of the stark, edgy and uber-bright colour trends around, pastels have come to the fore in a big way. They’re an easy way to bring calm and softness to a room – think dove grey, light green and creamy blues, which work beautifully when all mixed together in different patterns and textures.

    Palette Cleanse

    When looking for inspirational ideas consider painting your living areas and bedroom in calming colours, consider soft greens, sea side inspired creamy blues and dove greys, offering a complete colour palette cleanse, which supports the desire in this world of being always connected to find quiet simplicity and calm in your home.

    A calming and neutral palette in the bedroom

    Vibrant Accents

    Introduce vibrant accent pieces to uplift rooms; there is a trend towards Brazilian inspired colours of green, yellow and purple and also the introduction of wicker and rattan pieces which can be moved within the room as your mood and needs change. This trend is likely to increase in popularity as the Rio Olympic Games get closer.

    Bold and bright colour influenced by the Rio Olympics

    In light of the current political and economic situation, whatever you voted in the EU Referendum maybe the house of commons should have a design make over with some calming and peaceful hues!!!!!

  • Natuzzi Editions - Harmonious Design, Functional Living

    Italian Design

    Having just returned from the wonderful region of Apulia in Southern Italy the home of Natuzzi, it is easy to see where the inspiration for the design and comfort of the product has been drawn.

    Spending time watching the designers at work in the designated research and product development area of the factory, leaves you with no doubt as to why Natuzzi lead the way for product design and innovation.

    Mood boards the size of an average living room highlight the time, consideration, dedication and investment that is behind every product. The colour pallets on display now are those that haven't even reached the covers of glossy Home Interior magazines.

    Speaking to Mr Natuzzi and Mr Natuzzi junior you are left with an overwhelming understanding of the importance of the harmony within the product, the desire to create the dream sofa and chair for every lifestyle and to continue to be the industry leader. There is a desire to always move forward; to innovate; to reinvent the way sofas are made, to bring together motion, creativity and design.

    Wales Largest Natuzzi Editions Gallery

    Selecting the models for our new Natuzzi Editions gallery which will be the largest in Wales was not easy. The choice of leathers alone is enormous with different leather articles to suit every lifestyle and product design. We've also selected newly designed models to include the new exclusive fabrics just recently introduced to the British market.

    The gallery in our Cowbridge store will showcase cutting edge design and new soft shapes, from corner groups to recliners all complimented by the introduction of the new Natuzzi coffee tables, rugs and accessories. We look forward to the arrival of our new models in August, but in the meantime view our current gallery and existing ranges and look out for some amazing sale offers as we clear our existing models to make way for the new.

    You can now view our full in store Natuzzi Editions range on our website - click here



  • Would you buy furniture online?

    Would you buy furniture online?

    There is no doubt that the way people shop has changed over the last 10 years with the volume and value of goods being purchased online increasing all the time - the question is: "Is this the case for furniture?"

    Reports produced today (06/01/2016) state that 40% of John Lewis' sales in the last six weeks have been online and that 1 in every 6 shoppers has bought a mattress online. On first reading this would indicate that people are more than happy to part with their cash online and that includes on furniture items - but is this really the case?

    There's absolutely no doubt that online shopping has become the norm particularly for those in their 30's and 40's. Research again indicates that this is due to constraints on customers free time, many want to be relaxing at home rather than trawling around shops. The convenience brought by online shopping with timed delivery slots and in many cases the ability to buy today and receive tomorrow satisfies the desire of many consumers to not have to wait.

    For many the convenience of online shopping outweighs the risks of the product not being exactly as they anticipated; but does this change for higher priced items such as quality sofas, dining tables and beds?

    On further investigation it appears that high value furniture products from leading brands such as Alexander and James, Nathan, Old Charm, Tempur and Natuzzi Editions are purchased online. The reason - PRICE! We as a consumer visit bricks and mortar stores, try the branded items and satisfy ourselves with their quality and comfort. We select the fabric colours, the different items we require and then return home to the comforts of our own home and then scour the internet for the best price. Should retailers be upset by this or should they accept that this is the new way to shop and embrace it?

    it isn't only branded products that sell online though, lower value items such as cheaper mattresses and bedside cabinets that can be delivered within a short time frame are also purchased in large volumes online, but this rather than being solely price driven is driven by convenience.

    Without doubt large volumes of furniture are being purchased online; from the low value, non branded items to the higher value branded items. However the key is to remember not to be completely driven by price: we need to make sure that the companies we purchase from can offer the after care and the one to one service that we all expect at the end of the day. Not just a promise made to us on a screen!



  • Cleaning Leather Furniture at Christmas - Do's and Don'ts

    With Christmas holidays just around the corner, there will be plenty of spills from young and old over the festive period. And in some cases this may occur on your precious leather sofas. Here at The Place for Homes we have come across several effective ways to clean up these spills and keep your leather furniture in tip top condition.

    The don'ts

    • Never ever use or be tempted to use wet wipes on your leather furniture - use a clean lint free damp cloth.
    • All leathers are different, so before you use any leather cleaner, test it on a inconspicuous area on the back of the sofa to check for colour fastness and staining.
    • Never use an abrasive cloth or product on the leather as this will damage the surface.
    • Do not use leather wipes on your sofa unless they are of a make approved by the supplier of your goods as many cheap wipes on the market contain strong chemicals which will break down the protective seal on your leather.
    • Never rub the leather as this will do more harm than good.
    • Don't leave spills on the furniture as they may be absorbed into the leather causing staining.

    The do's

    • Use a clean lint free cloth to dust your sofas.
    • Use a clean dry kitchen towel to blot up any spillages.
    • Always blot up any spills as soon as they happen.
    • Use a vaccuum cleaner to gently remove dust from the leather's surface.
    • Contact the retailer you purchased the goods from to confirm the type of leather your furniture is made from. The retailer will then be able to advise you of the best way to deal with specific stains on your furniture. The treatment will depend on the type of leather your goods are made from. Most retailers will be open from Boxing Day for thier winter sales.
    • Contact The Place for Homes on 01446 772927 if you are unable to contact the company you purchased your furniture from and our expert staff will endeavour to help you identify the type of leather your furniture is made from and advise the best course of action.
    • At The Place For Homes we have a range of products that are suitable for removing specific stains from your sofas. These can only be supplied once we are clear on the type of leather your furniture is made from.


    Don't panic, the majority of stains including ink can be removed from your sofa safely. The most important thing to remember is do not try and remove the stain using any household cleaning products, but instead concentrate on soaking up any spills quickly with clean kitchen towel. The Place for Homes can provide you with all the information you need and put you in contact with our professional upholsterers to remove or repair your sofas in the most extreme cases.

    So relax and enjoy your leather furniture this Christmas!!




  • Team Place for Homes Complete the Cardiff Half Marathon

    We did it!!!! We completed the Cardiff Half Marathon. We certainly weren't the fastest, but then we're not athletes either and for us it was about finishing and raising money for Breast Cancer Care.

    I know the team would agree though that completing it in2:23, 2:24 & 2:25 was a bonus!

    So the answer to the question: "Would we cross the line together?" The answer was no!! Glyn at mile 9 kept a consistent pace and managed to squeeze in a minute before Rhys and I - we won't let that happen next year!! Rhys and I crossed the line hands held high and after a 100 metre sprint finish - I didn't think we'd have it in us!!

    As you can guess riding on the euphoria of finishing then we all have plans to do it again next year. I'm sat here wondering whether I have it in me to do a marathon?? I'm 40 next year if I don't do it now will I ever do it?!!

    As any runner knows there's the angel and the devil sitting on your shoulders when you're running: one convincing you you can do it and pushing you on and the other saying " this is stupid , what are you trying to prove?" So far at the half marathon level the angel has won out - will that still be the case for a full marathon? Any experienced runners out there any advice would be gratefully appreciated!!

    The one thing that spurred us on was raising money for Breast cancer Care. Half way round a lady in a breast cancer care t shirt looked straight at us and said "thank you". The emotion was enormous I was really choked and at the same time so pleased that what we were doing was really helping people.

    So far we're just short of our target of £1000 but I know we'll get there.

    The next question - Can team The Place For Homes complete a marathon - the answer to the that question will have to be left to another day!!

  • The Cardiff Half Marathon - 24hrs to go!!!


    With less than 24 hours to go until Team The Place for Homes run the Cardiff Half Marathon who are helping to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.  We are sitting here in my kitchen - the three of us - discussing our last supper!

    Ok so it's desperation point, the nerves have kicked in, all the training guides say eat well the night before making sure it's not something new and get an early night!! An early night?? Sleep ?? Is that even possible when we're now thinking: What if the rain is torrential? What if the wind picks up? Can we really run 13.1 miles?

    Then we think how our mum carried on through the operations and the chemo and then the radiotherapy and suddenly the race seems easy. We're not doing it to break records but to raise money for the cause that is so close to our hearts - Breast Cancer Care.

    We will do it!! We will get to the end because whenever it gets hard we'll be thinking about how it got hard for Mum and she kept going and for everyone else who has suffered from this terrible disease. We'll stay positive, stay focussed and get to the end.

    So time for bed now and for the first time there's no persuading my brother and husband that they need to go to bed early and that they don't need that last beer. Tonight it's pasta and soft drinks for us all!!

    Tomorrow morning we WILL complete The Cardiff Half Marathon and we'll have raised money for the fantastic charity Breast Cancer Care.

    If you see us give us a wave and cheer us on - it's harder than it looks!! We'll be looking out for the Breast Cancer care teams on route!!

    So this is it; here we go - sleep now to dream of blisters and hills and trainers and numbers.

    Thanks for your support

    Team The Place For Homes


  • Interior design - it's not all about trends


    Changing the décor of a room or starting from scratch in a new house can be daunting!  'Should it be paint or wallpaper, shall I change the sofa, should the curtains be silk, cotton, linen....... so many choices? What can I afford? Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date.

    First of all look at your lights, because now is the moment to add or take away before you start to paint or paper. Lighting is so important. Table lamps that light downwards, lights that can be dimmed etc,

    What do I want to keep in a room?  If that includes a busy upholstery fabric - look for a plain colour for the curtains and visa versa. I always line and interline the curtains, it immediately gives a sense of luxury to a room. A trim on the leading edge can make all the difference.

    Paint is relatively cheap but do put it on a bit on a piece of lining paper and blue tack it to the wall and look at it in day and night time. Never choose a colour on a table, it is not the true colour because your paint will be on the wall.

    It is your room, for you and your family to enjoy, comfort is everything, the ultimate luxury, trends are worthless.

    If you want more information on interior design or to be put in contact with Fiona, then contact The Place for Homes in Cowbridge on either 01446 772927 or via the contact form on our website.

  • Strawberry Tea Party at The Place for Homes


    On 30th July 2014, The Place for Homes, your local furniture and flooring store will host a Strawberry Tea party at the store in Llandow, Cowbridge for Breast Cancer Care – the only UK-wide specialist support charity.

    The Place For Homes Ltd has selected Breast Cancer Care as their chosen charity and is holding a Strawberry Tea as part of their fundraising efforts. Later in the year 3 staff members will also be running the Cardiff Half marathon to support the cause.

    Rhian Francis, Managing Director of The Place for Homes explains “Breast Cancer is a cause very close to my heart as my mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009, and following surgery and treatment is now well on the road to recovery. The number of people affected by breast cancer is enormous and Breast Cancer Care is there to answer questions and provide support not only during the treatment but afterwards. As part of our charity raising this year we are holding a Strawberry Tea in the store on Wednesday 30th July at 10.30am and later in the year we have three staff members including myself running the Cardiff Half Marathon!!! I look forward to meeting everyone on Wednesday 30th July at 10.30am, enjoying some excellent home baked cakes and most importantly raising funds for this excellent cause.”

    If you’d like to hold your own Strawberry Tea you can order a free fundraising kit at or call 0870 164 9422.